What to Check For.

So you have designed your stash, finalised your stash designs and we have sent you an invoice and a tech pack.

You are a normal person and not Georgio Armani so you have never seen one of these things before, what am I looking for ?!

In this 8 min video I will explain.
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or you can read it 👋🏼

How to Check Tech Packs for Customized Apparel


This guide provides detailed instructions on how to review tech packs for custom clothing items, using the example of a tech pack for "Not Medics Badminton" apparel.

Steps to Review a Tech Pack

1. Understand the Main Page

  • The main page typically includes the title of the product (e.g., qzip, fleece, puffer).
  • Material Reference: Check the material listed (e.g., fleece, cotton, sherpa) and ensure it's the desired one.
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2. Material and Variations

  • Material Types: Different products can come in various materials.
  • Material Selection: For quarter zips, there are options like fleece, cotton, and sherpa. Confirm the specific material you want.

3. Customization Details

  • Customization Sections: Review areas like 'Custom 1' and 'Custom 2' for names, numbers, etc.
  • Placement: Ensure all customizations are correctly placed (e.g., "NP" on the front, "Treasurer" on the back).

4. Hem and Cuffs

  • These are usually standard (elastic for fleeces, ribbed for cotton). Specify if you have a preference.

5. Pocket Styles

  • Standard options are available (e.g., left and right pockets for fleece, none for cotton).

6. Colours and Swatches

  • Match the swatches with the desired colours.
  • Real-Life Photos: Ensure the colour shades match your expectations. Request more photos if needed.

7. Logo and Embroidery Details

  • Check the size and placement of logos.
  • Verify embroidery sizes and colors (white embroidery is standard).

8. Sizes and Custom Names

  • Review the sizes provided against your records.
  • Check the font style for custom names and ensure spelling accuracy.

9. Final Verification

  • Double-check all details for accuracy.
  • If unsure, contact customer service for clarifications.

10. Approval and Production

  • Once the tech pack is approved, production will proceed based on it.
  • Responsibility for accuracy shifts to the customer post-approval.


Reviewing a tech pack thoroughly is crucial to ensure the final product meets your expectations. Always double-check each detail and seek clarification when in doubt. If you have questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our team.

Feel free to customize this guide further according to your specific needs and the layout you prefer.