🧭 How long does it take ?

Stash Tip: It varies a little but these are to give you an idea of how long it takes for each step.

Enquiry β†’ Custom Designs

  • We aim to provide you with your designs within 2 hours - create your stash bundle here
  • Max response time is 48 hours

Custom Designs β†’ Final Designs

Stash Tip: This step is the most uncertain because often committee members will be involved and the fine tuning of logos, positions and colours can take some time.
  • Normally 1-2 weeks
  • Quick Same Day (If you are happy with the first design we are good to go and you can start taking orders right away πŸ‘πŸΌ)

Final Designs β†’ Order

What this means: From when you are happy with the final design for your stash, to placing your order with us.
There are 2 options for finalising an order, both with their own merits.
Finalised Order will mean we know what sizes you are ordering.
  • Webshop - We can open a webshop on our website where you can order a product just like buying a sweatshirt off ASOS - society members go to our website and purchase them.
    • Order Window - we leave the webshop open for a predefined window to allow members to purchase. (Normally this is 1-2 weeks)
    • Β 
  • Bank Transfer + Spreadsheet - The old trusty, you share the final design, price and your bank details to members.
    • They bank transfer you and message you size details
    • You collate sizes in a spreadsheet
    • Send the list to us, where we will create a tech pack and an invoice

🚚 Order β†’ Delivery

  • 6-8 weeks
    • Note this time is from payment or the closing of the webshop order window until the delivery of your stash.
    • Time may vary depending on the product and/or time of the year.
    • Throughout the manufacturing process you will be updated with progress reports from our email update@stashcompany.co.uk with what process your stash is at and the eta.
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