The Process

The Process

TL/DR: A high level overview of how to go about designing and ordering our stash.

Step 1 - How to design ?

  • There are 2 ways to get designs for your society from us.
  • Stash Bundle (Designs in 1 hour πŸ”₯)
    • Go to our Portfolio
    • This is a selection of 150+ designs we have made for societies and clubs in a variety of products.
    • Select up to 5 of your favourite designs/products - in the top left there is a bag icon (πŸ‘œ- kinda like this)
    • Click on it to see your selection and click next.
    • Click on the colours you want for you club - main colour being the one you want to be the most dominant colour on the product - second colour is second most dominant etc…
    • Upload your club logo/s and fill out your name and society details and click submit.
    • We will get designs to you in normally less than an hour but can take a little longer.
    • Β 
  • Normal Enquiry (Designs in 24-48 hours ⏰)
    • Go to our Enquiry Page
    • We will ask for a few details but the main section is the more info part.
    • Explain what you are looking to achieve/make and any info we will find useful.
    • This is best suited for more custom requests.
    • If you are looking for Q-Zips or other normal stash items we make, the quickest way to go about it is to check out our portfolio and submit a Stash Bundle Request

Step 2 - Finalising Designs

  • Choosing the designs of the products you like (the fun part)

Step 3 - Ordering

  • Getting sizes and any customisations that are needed for the products and taking payment
  • 2 options for payment
    • Webshop
    • Spreadsheet and Bank Transfer

Step 4 - Manufacturing

  • Pretty easy - we cut, stitch, embroider and pack your stash !

Step 5 - Distribution

  • A few big boxes arrive to your delivery address that we collect via email 2-3 weeks prior to delivery.

Step 6 - Enjoy πŸ₯ΊπŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

  • Now you have your super custom, super comfy stash, kick back and enjoy it !
  • Tag us wearing your stash on Instagram