Proven ways to make money as our Ambassador.

Proven ways to make money as our Ambassador.

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Joe here founder of Stash Co !
Ok so you have signed up to be an ambassador - great !
In this webpage we will show you how to make money selling stash for us in the easiest and most effective ways.
Before we get into it… I get it everyone has a referral scheme and signing up your buddy to Monzo for a fiver is nice but not exactly paying for your Wednesday night out.
So let me just tell you about Andrew - Andrew was at Kent Uni. He was our best ambassador in Jan 2024 he whipped round Kent Freshers Fair and got people to send us an enquiry with his code - had 11 people send us an enquiry (not that many, you could get 11 societies to enquire.. right ?!) and 3 people placed orders.
He got paid £125 for 3 hours work.
Here is the breakdown for order payments.
<£1k - £25
£1k-£2k - £35
£2k-£4k - £75
We reckon you can send around 1 reach out every 5 minutes - of which around 1 in 3 reply.
1 in 3 that reply order.
So for 2 hours work you will get 2.7 orders.. lets call it 3 because you are above av. at selling !
Average payment to you per order of £35
You get paid £100…
Not too bad for 2 hours work.
So how the hell do you do it ?

Reach Out

The name we call it is reach outs - this is sending a custom design and a message to societies and clubs.
  • How
    • Instagram has been the most effective strategy for us, slidin’ into clubs dms or even better the Kit Secs (the person on committee in charge of arranging stash) dms and showing them some custom designs made FOR them and attaching your link to get more.
    • Freshers fairs also work for chatting to clubs to get them to enquire and showing them sample products (ask us we will send some)
    • The name of the game is to get your leads to send us an enquiry and we then lock them into the system of reaching out and following up.
    • This is where you can be creative - honestly go wild - add flyers to lamp posts in the student area, go to matches, students union nights out, Linkedin, Tiktok, tinder…. ? The more creative the better.
    • ALWAYS and I mean always send custom designs with the first message - people love seeing their beloved club in a mock up. It improves reply rate by 50% - which is significant.
  • Who
    • University clubs and societies are our main audience.
    • Young Farmers Clubs
    • Local Rugby Clubs
    • Local Football Teams
    • Your old school house.
    • It is all fair game if they have more than 10 people and could benefit from high quality stash - they are our customer.
  • When
    • Unis best time is September in the lead up to November but people buy all the way through to April.
    • Summer is the toughest sell - good for getting them chatting but orders unlikely to be placed until November.


  • How to Make Designs
2 Options - do you have experience in Adobe ?
No I Don’t
Yes I Do

Follow Up

This is crucial to improve conversion - don’t just send one message.
Create a spreadsheet log who you have messaged and when and follow up, follow up ad infinitum.
2 days later no reply - “Hey guys would love to share some more designs with you guys, what do you think ? - designs are totally free so no pressure”
2 Day still no reply “Hey there - we are currently doing a promo where if you do place an order you and a mate get a free jumper so just for organising you get a free jumper - its a no brainer ask us if you have ay questions would love to get some designs over to you today !”
You almost can’t do this enough - its where great ambassadors are made,
Provide Value at the start (custom designs for them)
Follow Up
You will be wonderful if you do these 2 things.
Good luck and again thanks so much for signing up !