Order Issues

Order Issues

With custom clothing there can be issues throughout the process, from delivery issues, to colouring or embroidery - We are working everyday to reduce the qty of the issues that do arise.

Embroidery Files

  • We send across embroidery files for all of the garments for your approval. This helps to reduce spelling mistakes and colouring issues with embroidery.
  • You will be sent a link within 1 week normally of ordering to check and approve. Delays in approval will effect delivery etas but it is more important to make sure everything is in check and correct before making stash. Reduce waste and time.

Fabric Colours

  • We now will attach a swatch photo for all materials used in your stash order for our classic colours.
  • Note if you have reached the custom colour MOQ (100+) we may include approval later on not at the tech pack stage.


  • We now have built a system which tracks progress of all orders and enables full visibility of what needs to ship this week, and will alert us on anything that has not shipped when it should have.
  • If an item is delayed then we will update the eta and send you an email to notify you of a change. This will normally happen Monday in the week - as we ship products from the manufacturing facility on Saturday.


  • If you receive a delivery and you are missing an item(s) then we will first cross ref with our inventory of what our warehouse received. If we find that an item is missing we will submit a remake to be made.
  • Historically this has been something that has been difficult to monitor because of the nature of only 1 item being made and shipped in bulk with the rest.
  • Once we confirm that the item is missing we will submit to you:

📝 - Current Status

  • This is where your remake is along the process. Sometimes it is in the next weeks shipment and will be with you in a week and in some cases requires remaking completely and will be in the stitching phase.

📆 - Scheduled Ship Date

  • This is when our manufacturing partners have agreed to ship the product - note this will not be when YOU receive the product but when it leaves the facility - normally allow 7-10 days for it to reach you

🔍 - Check in Date

  • An issue we found customers having was lack of comms between us confirming a product was being made and the product being delivered. This will be when you can expect us to send you an email with a status update. This will normally be 48 hours before the scheduled ship date to confirm the Current Status, Scheduled Ship Date and if applicable Check in Date.
Have an issue with your order - email us at bespoke@stashcompany.co.uk