Brand ambassador for Stash..

What do you have to do:
1️⃣ Reach-out to societies and key committee members at your society and explain the kit design process, show designs (we do them) and encourage to order/ enquire with us.
2️⃣ Hand out free bucket hats at re-freshers fairs to societies and club committees.
You shall receive:
💰£15/ hour
💃Free Stash
💰Commission of successful orders
What are we looking for?
-Social individual who will be happy to network between different societies at your university, to promote and reachout to friends involved in different societies to explain about how ‘Stash’ works to create bespoke kit. They will be able to clarify the design process and show them how to get designs with us and show our products/their existing products with us.
Potential places to do this networking/brand promotion-
-Refreshers/freshers fairs
How would it work?
-The scheme would run whereby you are paid £15 an hour.
-If you reach certain target, you will receive a bonus !!
for each successful referral (applying for designs with us) (getting kit)
If scheme is successful, potential to get involved in fun events.. e.g TikTok/content creation or even plan a charity event together?!
Must be a current university student.